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16 Reasons Halloween is the Best Holiday

1. You get to wear black and orange together. Socially unacceptable 11 months out of the year, but as soon as October rolls around you’re in the clear.

2. Candy, candy, AND MORE CANDY. Explanation not necessary.

3. You’re no longer lazy for binge watching The Walking Dead. “I’m just getting in the Halloween spirit!”

4. Dressing up is like being under cover all night. LOL no one know it’s me (or so you think). 

5. Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. Hold onto your pumpkin spice lattes, ladies. As soon as Halloween is over the pumpkin craze starts to end, too.  *cries*. 

6. You get to scare the bejesus out of your friends all. the. Time. Nobody is safe…and it’s awesome. 

7. Halloween Town, Halloweentown 2, Halloweentown High…etc. Ain’t nobody got time for Kalabar’s revenge…except us.

8. You get to dress up like a fool and nobody says anything about it. This would be a better world if I could wear my banana costume to class everyday.

9. Finally nobody will give you a hard time for playing “Thriller” 15 times a day. You’d better believe I know the dance, too.

10. You find your fellow freaks in the midst of this holiday. You dressed up as Lady Gaga in her meat dress last year too?!

12. It starts the trifecta of holidays. Wake up- Halloween. Sleep. Wake up- Thanksgiving. Sleep again. Wake up again- It’s Christmas !!!!

13. Your alter ego can finally come alive. There’s no hiding you tonight, Princess Leia. 

14. You get to make your pet 10 times cuter (if that’s even possible?!) in their mini Halloween costume. Can’t. Handle. The. Cuteness. 

15. You and your best friend seize the rare opportunity to pull off the greatest costume duo in HISTORY. Reality may fall short of what was expected…

16. You get to make punny jokes with “boo” in them What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert? Booperry Pie! Gets me every time. 

So for now, forget about the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas presents, and New Year’s resolutions because it’s Halloween’s time to shine. Power to the freaking pumpkins!


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