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15 Reasons Why St. Paddy’s Day is the Absolute Best

Top of the mornin’ to you! For those of yee that don’t know, today is the most magical day of the year. Whether or not you’re fortunate enough to actually be Irish, today is surely cause to be three sheets to the wind. So come one, come all, and celebrate the reasons that St. Paddy’s Day is undoubtedly the greatest holiday.

1. No one judges you for having Jameson’s straight from the bottle for breakfast. You’ve gotta start your day somehow, right?

2. It’s the one day of the year that redheads are treated like royalty

3. Green food brings out the best in people

4. The worse the pun, the better. And trust me, you’ll see a lot

5. Everywhere is a no judgment zone today. You can dance any way you want and you’ll blend right in

6. And I mean ANY way you want…

7. …As long as you’re wearing green, that is. Which is no problem, because green looks good on everyone

8. There’s more potatoes, cabbage and corned beef than you can dream of


9. A pot of gold, a rainbow, and a leprechaun, what else could you want??

10. It’s also the most friendly holiday

11. Well, usually

12. It’s also socially acceptable to kiss a stranger

Try that on Christmas and tell me how it works out.

13. There’s always someone to blame if things go awry…

14. …And more than likely things will go awry at some point 

15. And even though it’s an Irish holiday, anyone is welcome to join in the fun

Let the festivities begin!!


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