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12 Times that Chris Pratt Melted Our Hearts

If you haven’t fallen in love with Chris Pratt yet, you better sit down.  The charming, dorky actor has played star roles in shows such as Parks and Recreation and recent movies like Guardians of the Galaxy.  This gorgeous piece of man-candy is not only talented, but very generous and kind as well.  Here are a dozen reasons to swoon over Pratt.

1. When he took his costumes home from set to visit sick children in the hospital

2. When he stepped away from posing just to snap a photo of his wife, Anna Faris

3. When he tweeted this shirtless selfie…

4. …and rather than get embarrassed, he made a cute, quirky remark when asked about it

5. When he braided hair on live television


6. When he sang Lion King on Good Morning America  

7. Because everything he says is adorkable

8. Kittens and Chris Pratt= cuteness overload

9. No matter his hair color, he is still gorgeous

10. When he looked like a hunk lifting weights


11. When he posted this absolutely adorable photo of him and his son:

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