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11 Crushes from your Childhood

Way before Instagram and #MCM, these men have been making collegiette hearts melt everywhere. These men were the posters on our walls and reasons why we have high expectations on how to be treated by a boy. From their roles on the big screen to the lyrics they sang their own crushes, we could not help but imagine a world where we would be dating at least one of them. Here is the list of our #TBT Crushes from our childhood.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Lets face it: if it was up to a collegiette she would have made room on the Titanic dining room door just to save Leo’s life and would never have let go.

Zac Efron

This Wildcat is the reason why us girls searched for our high school sweetheart and fell in love with the players.

Chad Michael Murray

He is the prince that gave collegiettes hope that even the most popular boy in class can still fall in love with you.

Ashton Kutcher

Not only is he beautiful, but he can make any girl laugh. This cutie is the reason why we love men with hair flips and outgoing personalities.

Heath Ledger

Between his smile and hair, it was hard to not fall in love with the late Heath Ledger. The day he passed away was truly heartbreaking, but he’ll always be one of our childhood crushes.

Stephen Colletti

This California babe was the first reality TV star crush of our childhood. No wonder why Kristin and LC fought over him.

Justin Timberlake

There was nothing hotter than the lead singer of a boy band and there’s no way you can forget about his blonde curls either.

Aaron Carter

He made us envy both Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan because they both got to date him. The biggest love triangle of our childhood.

Jesse McCartney

His blonde streaks weren’t the only thing we loved about this beautiful soul, he set the bar high on how boys should talk to us girls from his song lyrics.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum took both soccer and dancing to a new level. Where can we find a boy that has both talent and good looks?

Adam Brody

This beach babe had us falling in love with the nerdy boy next door, but he ultimately won the heart of Leighton Meester – something we can’t really be mad about.

John Stamos or “Uncle Jesse”

We cannot forget everyone’s favorite Uncle on TV. His eyes and hair had us screaming “Have mercyyyy”.

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