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10 Things We Hate About Group Texting (As Told By The Office)

We love group texting because it is the easiest way to communicate with all of our friends. However, once that first text in that group message is sent, we slowly start to hate group texting, and here’s why:

1. There’s always side conversations

A question meant for one person should be sent in a separate text to just that one person. The whole group doesn’t need (or care) to know if it does not involve them, so send the text separately PLEASE. There’s no need to make everyone else in the group feel uncomfortable with your inside jokes with one person. 

2. If you’re away from your phone than more than an hour, expect 100 new group texts 

If you’re away from your phone and you’re in a group text, be prepared to catch up on what you’ve missed, because it’s going to be a lot. 

3. The conversation never ends because someone always has to be that person to keep it going

Once your group of friends has finally agreed upon a place for dinner, you think you’ve seen the last of this group message. But, of course, someone has to ask what everyone is wearing tonight: “Are we going casual or dressy?” And then the group texting starts up…again.

4. You always have to participate 

There’s no such thing as being a bystander in a group message. You have to respond and participate every once in awhile. If you don’t, you’ll eventually be forced to because someone will ask, “Are you there?” 

5. People without iPhones in the group

Someone has to be the one to ruin it for everyone and turn the blue iMessages to green text messages. Those green text messages in a group message just irritate everyone. 

6. You can’t leave a group text

Okay, technically you can remove yourself from a group chat, but that’s just asking for your friends to give you the cold shoulder. Also, as soon as you leave the group, your absence will be the groups’ new topic of discussion.

7. Your phone always has to be on silent 

You have to turn your ringer off in public otherwise you’ll get non-stop looks from all the buzzing going on. The vibrate mode even gets annoying when someone is responding in the group every minute. 

8. That one annoying person in the group 

There has to be that one person who comments on everything and is constantly asking non-stop unnecessary questions.

9. Accidentally sending something that’s not meant for the group 

Texts get all mixed up when you’re holding out too many conversations. It’s bound to happen that you will send something that’s not meant for the group text, which can be awkward and embarrassing. 

10.The struggle of identification

Group chats often contain unknown numbers. Then, you have to play the guessing game through numbers or everyone has to text their name to the group. Exchange contacts first, because if not, the struggle of identification is real. 

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