10 Things Sophomore Collegiettes Are Thinking Right Now

It’s hard to ignore the fact that as sophomores we are rapidly approaching the halfway mark of our college careers.

1. “Where is summer?” Spring break managed to steal the little motivation I had to do work while also causing countless in-class daydreams of warmer weather, tanner skin, and laying on the beach.

2. “This leaves me 7 weeks to get that summer bod.”   I guess it’s time to drag myself to the gym and start that New Year’s diet I meant to do three months ago.  This reminds me, I also need new bathing suits. *spends two hours on Victoria’s Secret’s website*

3. “Wait, my mom said I needed to look for a summer job.” *Researches internships* Why do all these applications ask for experience? I don’t have any experience, that’s why I need an internship!

4.     “Finals are in five weeks, how is that possible?” I’m taking five classes, so all I have to do is study for one class every week.  It can’t be that bad, right? *opens book… closes book * Maybe I’ll just start this weekend.

5.     “Never mind, there’s supposed to be nice weather this weekend, but then again there’s still probably a chance it will snow” Either way, Darty season is almost here.  Standing around with 200 of my closest friends, taking a power nap at 5pm and rallying for round two that night- what better way to spend my Saturday?

6.     “No. Stop it. Focus on school for a minute. What classes should I take in the fall?” 8ams? Nope. 9:30s? Nope. Anything before 11? Nope. Should I finish my core or start working on classes for my major?

7.      “Ha, here’s a better question; what is my major?” How am I supposed to declare my major when I can’t even decide what I want for dinner? Can’t I just pick it out of a hat?

8.      “I am definitely not ready to be an upperclassman” I don’t even know where all the buildings on campus are.  Plus, I still get anxiety every time I walk into the dining hall alone at the dinnertime rush.

9.“Where did the last two years of my life go?” I could’ve sworn Orientation was only a few months ago.  How am I almost halfway done with college? I’m getting so old. I’m going to be 21 soon. I might as well just move straight from the Residence Halls into a nursing home.

10. “Calm down and pull yourself together!” You still have two more years to make the best out of your college experience.  Text that girl from Orientation and ask her to meet up for dinner.  Join a new club; it’s never too late.  Introduce yourself to that boy you’ve been crushing on for the past two years, you never know what will happen.  It’s time to take control of your life, girl; no one else get’s to decide how your next two years are going to go.