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10 Things I Learned From Attending Fashion Weeks as a Nobody

   1.  There is A LOT of money involved- but seriously I saw way too many nipples, but really could they not even afford bras?!

   2. It is so creative and unique that your mind explodes to think that people work and think so amazing; wait there are no debits & credits?!

   3. Not to mention the outfits people where to the fashion shows- gowns to gauchos to garbage bags

   4. Start your piggy bank collection or GoFundMe now- between outfits, accessories, cabs and food it all ads up; I don’t know if I can even afford $2 Tuesday now…  

   5. The ironic part is no one actually cares what or who you wear; you are just a nobody lets face it. Except your Instagram followers, they are the only ones who see what you wore.

   6. There is no food at most of them; surprising right? Just cheap alcohol. Needless to say I dreamed about Dos Caminos Tacos the whole time during one show.

   7. How to get a seat? Just walk in late and sit in an empty seat; you will look like the S*%t.

   8. Basically as long as you act important, people will treat you like you’re important. Duh I am famous too; with my dogs Instagram @smudge_thepudge

   9. Pro tip if you’re wanting to be photographed by the street photographers: strut fiercely down the street like you have somewhere to be and people will automatically photograph you. It even helps if you’re on the phone because then you look more important. I did it next to a garbage can and shopping cart and made it look fabulous.

 10. Don’t forget to people watch!!!!! The most interesting and creative people gather in one place at one time for an iconic event. If you want to observe the most unconventional and craziest ways of fashion, now is your time! Also you never know what celebrity you may see walking down the street or even in the same room as you. I took it all in while I could, because some day during NYFW (sooner rather than later) I’ll be slaving away crunching numbers for 80 hours a week instead.


THANKS FOR LISTENING!!  Thank you Alina & Rose for making me look all glamorous for NYFW! Give Alina & Rose a follow in Facebook & Instagram for the latest trends and styles.


I am a sophmore Accounting major at Fairfield University with a passion for the fashion industry and media. 
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