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10 Texts Every Girl Sends During A Night Out

Finally, the weekend rolls around and after a long week of hard classes and work, you deserve a fun night out! Your phone is the most important tool in making the night go perfectly. You use it to find out plans, coordinate meet-ups, and sometimes to even piece the night back together. Whether you’re texting your group chat, a boy, or your BFF, every weekend seems to end up the same way (And trust me, we’ve all been there).

“Tell me to get out of bed and shower.”

Addressing the group chat: “What are you guys wearing??”

“Ugh, so I have to look cute.”

“Alright now I’m so excited!!”

“What are our plans? Brendan told me townhouses, but I heard that Nicole was going to the beach, so why don’t you see what Jake and them are up to?”

“Come over, hurry up!!!”

After working up the (liquid) courage to text the boy in you Chem lab who is so cute: “What are you up to?”

*spends the next 10 minutes staring at phone until said boy answers*

*Cue several flirty emojis after he tells you to come to the same party he’s at*

Later that night, to that boy from your hometown you can’t seem to give up on: “Heyyy whathcha doin??”

*Mentally decide to stop sipping on your mixed drink*

Back to the group chat: “Sooo, who wants to order pizza???”

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