10 Struggles Every Girl Faces with Communal Bathrooms

1. Barone isn’t agreeing with me tonight, so I sprint to bathroom to see feet in stalls.  2. Some girl is brushing her teeth next to me for literally 10 YEARS.  Is my hygiene that bad if I only have the motivation to brush my teeth for 10 seconds? 3. So like, can I blast Justin Bieber in the shower or is that offensive… 4. So like, can I sing Justin Bieber in the shower or is that offensive… 5. I’m sweaty from the gym; will these girls stop hogging the showers and let me take one…. 6. Can I dump my trash in the bathroom or is that against recycling policies here? 7. Will people think I’m barbaric if I “forget” to wash my hands? 8. Seriously why is the bathroom NEVER empty…I need to go 9. We’re not guys here, has anyone here heard of flushing?  10. Right when I get myself tucked into bed, my bladder of Satan tells me “Now leave your dorm room and enter the communal bathroom.”