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10 Productive Things to do in Quarantine

 In unprecedented times, we must make do! Here are 10 productive things to do in quarantine to keep you sane, busy, and happy!


1.Make a calendar or schedule of “To-Do’s” – With schools switching to an online campus for the rest of the semester, many things are changing, and scheduling can kind of get confusing! Print out a calendar or write out a daily schedule of assignments you need to do in order to stay organized and on top of your work!


2.Get up and start your day early! – Try not to sleep your day away during quarantine because it will lead you to feel more confined and bored in your home! Spring is near, which means the days are getting brighter and warmer. Start your day early, and enjoy the day.


3.Go for a walk with your dog or go for a run! – It’s important to stay active during this quarantine and not steer too far from your daily routines. Exercising activates the mind, body, and soul, making you feel more energized and naturally happy! Go outside and burn those calories!


4.Practice new recipes. – With social distancing happening all around us, what better time than now to practice new recipes at home and try making new things. This way, once quarantine is over, you will have tons of new delicious meals to share with friends and family! Plus, who doesn’t love eating when they’re bored at home!


5.Clean your room! – Ahh yes… procrastination with cleaning our rooms seems to be our favorite hobby. What better time than the present to stop the procrastination and give our rooms a good Spring cleaning. Cleaning and organizing things will make you feel accomplished, productive, and more relaxed!


6.Spend quality time with your family. – We spend nine months out of our year at school, and even when we are home, are we really home? Take this time to enjoy your family because they are probably the only interaction you are getting in this quarantine! Play games, watch movies, talk with each other… enjoy your family! As we get older, family time gets shorter and shorter. So embrace your family and have as much fun as you can!


7.Stay connected with friends! – Just because we have to social distance doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to connect with our friends. Join group FaceTime calls, create Zoom meetings, or simply call your friends on the phone to catch up. It’s important to stay in touch during quarantine to keep yourself busy!


8.Learn how to do yoga/Practice meditation. – In a time of chaos in the world, find your inner zen. We are currently living in uncontrollable situations, so it’s important to calm our minds and find our center of gravity. Get in touch with your zen side and breathe!

9.Learn a new skill. – Who knows how long the Coronavirus will last… You might as well get something cool and interesting out of it. Brainstorm ideas of skills you have wanted to learn for a while and work on them. Now is the perfect time to do it!


10.Take personal spa days to treat yourself! – With nail salons, hair salons, wax centers, and shopping malls closed, it’s hard to keep up with our pampering needs. Make sure you take some time and dedicate one day a week or one day every other week to pamper yourself. Give yourself a spa mani/pedi or do your hair just for fun. Make sure you allow yourself to feel pretty! And pour yourself a glass of wine too while you are at it!


 I hope you’re all staying healthy, safe, and productive during your quarantine! I wish nothing but health for you and your families, and a hope that this will all be over soon. For now, enjoy the Coronacation as best as you can and WASH YOUR HANDS!


HCXO, Collegiettes!


Casey Chu

Fairfield '21

Hi, my name is Casey Chu! I am a Junior Nursing major at Fairfield University. I am a writer for this club, and look forward to reading all the content this year!
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