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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

As the sun starts to stay out a little later, so do we. Summer drives and trips to the beach make the season so special, but the warmer weather can cause our dwindling bank accounts to cry for help. There are plenty of opportunities to spend this summer, but here are some ways to save without too much sacrificing.


1. Get Outdoors


Sunshine provides great opportunities for free fun. Take your pet or ask friends to go for a walk. Find a hike trail, go biking, swimming, or paddle boarding. The outdoors can be exciting, but don’t forget your sunscreen! 


2. Carpool


Uber and Lyft are great for nights out, but those looking to save money can organize rides with friends and family. Picking a designated driver is safe and cash conscious. Looking to take a trip? Hop in the car and split the cost of gas. 


3. Embrace Your Inner Homebody


Now’s the time to read that book you bought months ago and told yourself you would read after classes end. We’ve all had a lot of time at home during this pandemic, but with a needlepoint kit of your favorite Kardashian quote, maybe it’s not so bad?


4. Cook and Café from Home


One point of grabbing a drink from Dunkin’ or Starbucks can be getting out of the house. But, making iced coffee at home Emma Chamberlain-style is a good way to save money. One $5 coffee a day for 30 days is 150 dollars, plus tips. Along with running your own little café and learning to cook, eating out can eat up your wallet. 


5. Sell Clothes


This isn’t really budgeting, but if you do some summer shopping, get rid of the old and make room for the new. Then, shopping costs are essentially a wash by our calculations. Depop, Etsy, and eBay are great websites to sell your old clothes and connect with other great online retailers. 


6. Set an Allowance


This is pretty basic, but make sure you determine how much of your paycheck goes into your pocket and what goes into savings.


7. Skip the Spa


Make sure you prioritize the self-care you need for a confident summer. But, doing your own facial and painting your own nails is cheaper than stepping into the salon. 


8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Repurposing is good for your bank account and the environment. Upcycle your way to financial security. 


9. Sharing is Caring


Take Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but make it a cocktail dress, pair of shoes, or anything else you need this summer. There’s no need to buy something new for every occasion if you can share with friends (or reluctant siblings). 


10. Get Rid of Unnecessary Subscriptions


Prioritize your subscriptions and cancel the costs you don’t really need.  


And remember if all else fails, there’s always that 99 cent ice cream cone. Remember to reward yourself from time to time and remember that love is the best currency. We hope these tips will help all of you Collegiettes to be money savvy this summer! 


Jackie Campbell

Fairfield '24

Jackie is an English major with an Educational Studies minor at Fairfield University. Though originally from Kansas City, MO, Jackie currently calls Pound Ridge, NY home. Some interests include riding bikes, writing, and exploring new media with her little sister.
Katie Mazzotta

Fairfield '21

Katie Mazzotta, from Massachusetts, studies marketing and finance at Fairfield University. She is the campus correspondent for Fairfield's Her Campus chapter. Her creativity and marketing skills provide a beneficial influence on the chapter's event planning and social media accounts. In her free time, she loves the beach and spending time with friends and family.