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10 Dorm Decs to Deck the Halls

Turkey season is officially over, which means that the tinsel season is finally here! Even though finals season may have you down, there’s no need for you to have a blue Christmas. Decorating your room will help you feel more at home and is sure to make you merry and bright. Here are 10 simple decorations you can add to your dorm to help you to deck the halls.


1.Christmas Lights:

Nothing will get you in the mood for the Holiday season quite like Christmas lights. 

2.Paper chain:

Channel your ~inner Elf~ and put together a paper chain to hang along the walls and ceiling.

3.A Fake Little Tree:

Buy a cute, little artificial tree to put on your desk. It’ll make your dorm feel like a Winter Wonderland without worrying about watering the tree.


4.A Diffuser with a tree smell:

Buy a reed diffuser that smells like a Christmas tree, this will make your Christmas tree feel real and your room will smell fantastic!


Buy some cheap stockings for you and your roommate(s) to hang on the wall. Bonus points if you have a fun bonding night where you decorate your own stockings!

6.Decorative Pillows:

Throw some holiday-themed throw pillows on your bed! Not only will the pillows make your bed look like a Holiday Hallmark movie, but it will also make your bed a little cozier. 


7.Fake snow:

Whether you choose to buy some cotton balls or a snowmaking kit or whether you go to school in New York or California, adding some fake snow to your dorm and you’ll be sure to have a white Christmas!

8.Paper snowflakes:

These are fun to make, and you can easily fill any empty wall space with them! 

9.A Warm Blanket:

Throw a warm blanket on the edge of your bed to make your room look extra cozy.  

10.A Wall Sign:

Grab a cute decorative sign that you can hang in your room or even on your door to wish others a Merry Christmas! 



Molly Concannon

Fairfield '20

Molly Concannon is a Jersey girl through and through. She attends Fairfield University where she is majoring in Finance and Public Relations. This is her fourth year on the Her Campus team! She is also slightly obsessed with libraries, reading, and Disney movies, and she definitely will try to pet any dogs she sees.
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