10 Dogs on Instagram that are Most Definitely Worth the Follow

If you are a dog lover like me, Instagram is the perfect place to get your daily dose of cuteness. Put on hold all the food accounts you stalk because you NEED to follow these 10 dogs right now.

1.  Kingsley & Sailor (@kingsleyandsailor)

No wonder this brother and sister duo have over 47K followers, look at those faces! These Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels reside in Orange County, California, where they spend their days sunbathing, playing fetch, and snuggling. 

2.  Momo (@andrewknapp)

Go ahead, try to resist this Border Collie, I dare you. This dog has t beautiful bronzy eyes that have you falling in love with him instantly. Momo is definitely one of our favorite pups in Instagram feed!

3. Milo (@milomeetsworld)

If you looked up the definition of puppy face, you would see this face. This is Milo, a pint sized Maltese living in Toronto, and he could not be more adorable! 

4. Champ (@thatgoldendog)

If you are a golden retriever fan, then you need to follow this account. This ultra-photogenic canine is 12 years old, but still plays like a puppy.  He lives with his owner, Candice, in Southern California. 

5. Banks & Harry Havins (@banksandharry)

They may be new to Instagram but these adorable pups, Banks and Harry – whose mom happens to be fashion blogger Amy Havins, AKA Dallas Wardrobe  – will definitely be gaining more followers in the months to come. 

6. Trotter (@trotterpup

Trotter, a French bulldog is always looking fabulous. You’ll find him dressing up as anything from Lady Gaga to Princess Leia. This pup will give you a good laugh so he’s definitely worth a follow. 

7. Wrangler (@wranglertoday)

Meet Wrangler. He is the newest addition to the TODAY Show family for the next 16 months, where he is training to become a guide dog by the staff and specialist. In addition, he gets to spend his days snuggling with celebrities, so far including Naomi Campbell, Ryan Seacrest, Anne Hathway, and many more! Bonus: if you stiil can’t get enough of this adorable pup, every Wednesday there will be a live stream of him playing in the studio 1A pen, #WranglerWednesday. 

8. Liger the Great (@ligerthegreat )

Meet Liger the Great—he's SOOO fluffy, and will become your newest obsession. He is a Great Pyrenees,  who has meet editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine, Eva Chen, and had a photo shoot with Cara Delevingne. Now, he shares his page with little bro, Cornelius the Lesser, which we are not mad about at all.

9.  Cookie (@ps.ny)

Cookie is a stuffed animal come to life. This precious pup resides in New York City, and according to her bio a “ food stealist, begging researcher, and nap enthusiast”. Winner of the best dog bio...ever. Kudos, Cookie!

10.  Men with Pups (@menwithpups)

  Ok so this is not just one dog’s Instagram, per se, but this account is everything a collegiette would want and more. Gorgeous men holding adorable dogs; #done.