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10 Celebrities Who Are Also Business Women

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

We all fantasize about the fabulous lives of our favorite celebrities, but can you imagine being both a celebrity and CEO of your own company? Yes, that is the dream. They may have had their start in fame, but these celebrities know how to turn a brand into billions. Here are a few celebrities that built their own dynasty.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson put her music career on hold to conquer another passion of hers: fashion. Ten years ago, the singer went into a partnership with Vince Camuto to launch her shoe collection. Ten years later her company, Jessica Simpson Collection, became a huge success. This past spring  the fashion designer sold half of her shares of her billion-dollar business. Jessica is still staying true to her values by designing her collection to make you feel chic and confident. She works with her mom and makes sure that she stays 100% involved.  Jessica is a woman in the work world who we all aspire to be.

Victoria Beckham

This entrepreneur is so posh there is no doubt that she would be a success in the fashion industry. Victoria Beckham started her own fashion line, Victoria Beckham, in 2008. She has opened her own flagship store in her home city of London and just recently showcased her designs on the runway at New York Fashion Week. As if being married to the gorgeous David Beckham didn’t make us envy her enough; now her success and beautiful designs, gives us even more reasons to try and mimic everything she does in her career and personal life.

Ivanka Trump

If there is a socialite to desire to be, it is Ivanka Trump. She might have her Daddy’s last name but when it comes to working, she is a true individual in business. She may be known for her struts down the runway, but Ivanka also holds the title of Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization.  She attended University Of Pennsylvania and now is running her own handbag and shoe line called Ivanka Trump.

Jessica Alba 

After having babies of her own, Jessica Alba discovered a new market that needed attention. Jessica wanted her children to consume the safest products possible, which inspired her to start her own billion-dollar company, The Honest Company. Her organization is full of healthy and affordable baby products for every parent’s needs. Not to mention, they are extremely affordable and fashionable!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

These twins might have had their start on TV but they’re bringing their talents right to the runway. Mary Kate and Ashley successfully launched three fashion lines: The Row, Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye. The actresses have stayed highly involved in the development of their fashion lines and never stop working. Their work ethic is why they have been a huge success in fashion along with their incredible fashion sense. We might be used to seeing them on the big screen but the runway is their true stage.

Lauren Conrad

The California reality star and one of our WCWs is known for turning down a trip to Paris with fashion magazine Teen Vogue, but Lauren Conrad made up for her mistake by launching her own clothing line for Kohl’s. This past September, she had her first fashion show at New York Fashion Week where she launched her newest collection. LC has her own books, website and contemporary fashion line as well. If her success in business does not give you inspiration, then maybe her Instagram account will. She is a must follow: @LaurenConrad

Gwen Stefani 

The former Hollaback Girl and the beautiful mommy of three boys, has taken over the runway since 2004. Gwen Stefani launched her clothing line L.A.M.B, named after her album: Love Angel Music Baby, to express her own personal style and design clothes that she would want to wear every day. Since the launch of L.A.M.B., The Voice judge has launched two other clothing lines: Harajuku Lovers and Harajuku Mini. Gwen’s clothing is a necessity to add to every collegiette’s wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want to look as fabulous as this celeb?!

Sandra Bullock 

This Oscar winner founded her own production company, Fortis Films. Sandra Bullock’s company produced one of our favorite girl power movies: Miss Congeniality. Bullock is an independent and successful self-entrepreneur that ensures it’s her who is in control of her own destiny. When it comes to working for yourself and conquering your own dreams, this actress and producer is the one who knows how to do it the best.

Sarah Jessica Parker 

Carrie Bradshaw was known for her love of shoes. Like her character, Sarah Jessica Parker may have had a little bit of shoe-spiration from the queen of Manhattan. The actress designed her own shoe line called SJP.  The shoes undoubtedly scream Carrie and would take the place of a few of her Manolo’s. Sarah Jessica Parker partnered up with Nordstrom to make guest appearances at their stores across the U.S. This allowed fans to think they were shopping with the fabulous Bradshaw. Who wouldn’t love that?

Nicole Richie

She might have had no idea what she was doing on The Simple Life but when it comes to jewelry and fashion, Nicole Richie has a strong business sense. In 2008, she launched her own jewelry line and named it after her daughter. Richie launched House of Harlow then two years later she started a maternity, handbag and fragrance line called Nicole. This socialite won British Glamour title of “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Her jewelry has pieces that every collegiette should have sitting in her jewelry box. 

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