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10 Best LipSync Battles of All Time

It’s an enjoyable sensation to be able to watch your favorite celebrities go up on stage and lip sync to our favorite songs. I am not quite sure if it’s more fun for us to watch the LipSync battles on TV or for the celebrities to be able to LipSync battle to their favorite songs?

Here’s a list of the ultimate top ten best LipSync battles of all time:

1.Deion Sanders “Like A Virgin” vs. Justin Bieber “Crazy Train”
Deion Sanders in a tutu and Justin Bieber impersonating Ozzy Ozbourne; enough said.


2.Victoria Justice “Hot in Herre” vs. Gregg Sulkin “Milkshake”
Victoria Justice rapped Nelly’s lyrics well, but nothing compared to Gregg Sulkin shirtless and spilling a milkshake all over himself!


3. Anna Kendrick “Booty” vs. John Krasinski “Proud Mary”  
Anna Kendrick gave us a sassy performance when she lip sang “Booty” (and even brought out Jennifer Lopez), but that might have been overlooked once John Krasinski unexpectedly ripped off his suit into a short dress to “Proud Mary”.


4. Terry Crew “A Thousand Miles” vs. Mike Tyson “Push It”
Both men did not disappoint in this LipSync battle. Terry Crew picked “A Thousand Miles” to get us to remember his iconic scene in “White Chicks”. Mike Tyson fought back with his hilarious performance to “Push It” as well though.


5. Julianne Hough “I Just Had Sex” vs. Derek Hough “Chandelier”
A little friendly sibling competition never hurt anyone? Well, maybe just Derek Hough’s eyes seeing his little sister perform Lonely Island’s “I Just Had Sex”.


6. Emily Blunt “Every Little Piece of My Heart” vs. Anne Hathaway “Wrecking Ball”
Emily Blunt went way out with her outfit and stage filled with balloons lip-syncing “Every Little Piece of My Heart”. Anne Hathaway went all out though when she went full Miley Cyrus and jumped on an actual wrecking ball on stage!


7, Jimmy Fallon “Like A Prayer” vs. Dwayne Johnson “Stayin’ Alive”
Jimmy brought out a choir and Dwayne went back to the disco days to do what they do best, which is entertaining and making their audience laugh (which they succeeded at)!


8. Nina Dobrev “Cheerleader” vs. Tim Tebow “Eye of the Tiger”
Nina pulled a Tim Tebow on Tim Tebow out on the field. Even though he was off the football field, Time Tebow continued to show is competitive side on stage with his performance of “Eye of the Tiger”.


9. Channing Tatum “Let It Go” VS Jenna Dewan-Tatum “Cold Hearted”
Jenna lived out her childhood dream and got to dance and lip sing with Paula Abdul, and it was an amazing performance! Her husband, Channing, did not disappoint either (and earned major brownie points with their daughter) when he dressed up as Princess Elsa and sang “Let It Go” from “Frozen”.


10. Channing Tatum “Run The World (Girls) vs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum “Pony”
Yes, #9 was the first battle between Channing and Jenna, but both of their performances in this episode of LipSync Battle were just too hilarious not to be recognized! Jenna impersonated her husband in his role of Magic Mike and she was absolutely amazing! Her performance would be hard to beat, but Channing surprised everyone and brought out Beyoncé! Needless to say, Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J couldn’t even decide who was better so the couple took the win together! 

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