10 Beauty Routines We're Doing Wrong

We all have our own beauty routine but the way we apply our makeup isn’t always correct. Here are 10 things you might think you are doing right in your beauty routine that you are doing… oh, so wrong. 

1) Moisturizing before you apply your makeup

You might think the best way to apply your foundation is to add some moisturizing cream to allow it to go on smoothly. In reality, applying your foundation too soon after moisturizing will make your makeup look “cakey” and feel heavy on your skin. We recommend moisturizing about a half hour before, so your foundation doesn’t look heavy. If you have drier skin like me, use a BB cream first as both a primer and a light layer of moisture then apply foundation. This keeps your makeup from looking too thick.

2) Not applying setting powder to your face

When it comes to your face makeup you need to be very careful of keeping it looking as natural as you can. It is important to use face powder to set your foundation, prior to applying bronzer and blush. This step will allow your other powder products to go on naturally. Setting powder also keeps your foundation and concealer in place throughout the day. As an added step, try a setting spray to really keep your face in place.

3) Coloring your hair too much, or not enough

Some of us collegiettes go into the salon more often than needed when we see our highlights are looking too dull or are not as blonde as we want our hair to be. Meanwhile, others don’t go into the salon enough. The best way to keep your highlights fresh with minimal damage is to have a gloss applied at your salon. A gloss is affordable (averaging as a $40 salon service), adds in moisture to your hair and is offered as an express service for those of us with a busy schedule.

4) Trusting anyone with your eyebrows

Cara Delevingne made 2015 the year of the eyebrows. While we all can’t have Cara’s makeup artist with us 24/7, we do need to know the best way to keep up with our brows. The first beauty mistake we make in regards to eyebrows is getting them waxed at a place just because they offer an inexpensive service. We fell in love with Benefit’s brow bar. Although it might cost about $20 for an eyebrow service, I am always satisfied with the way my eyebrows look, the wax they use, and, of course, the experience I get when I walk into their stores. The best part is that they are trained the “Benefit way” to wax, so no matter if I go into Westport or New York City for my wax, they always look the same.

5) Shaping your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil

Since eyebrows are so important and a huge part of our beauty routine, we need to learn how to fill them in correctly. Most collegiettes might think the best way to shape and fill your eyebrows is to use a pencil. Wrong. Use a brow mascara to allow your eyebrows to look natural and also bold. When you use a pencil, your eyebrows usually lose its natural shape and look too dark for your complexion. A brow mascara is easy to use and still creates a full look. 

6) Using the same face wash for morning and night

As easy as it may be, you really can’t get away with using the same face wash morning and night. In the morning, it’s best to use a face wash that has no exfoliation, which can strip the skin. Rather you should be using a face wash that is more soothing, cleansing, and hydrating. This will also allow your makeup to apply smoothly on the skin. At night you want to use a face wash that will remove all oil, dirt, and makeup before going to bed.

7) Not buying professional shampoo and conditioner

We all live on college budgets and sometimes find it hard to have the best beauty products. When it comes to your hair care, it is important to spend more money to make sure you are using the best shampoo and conditioner. Although the products sold at the drug store are more affordable, I still suggest buying the products that your hair stylist is pushing to buy at the salon. When you pay for expensive hair services, you want the best at home care. Listen to the professionals. 

8) Not getting into the habit of using a weekly face and hair mask

One thing we don’t often think is crucial for our beauty routine is applying masks to both our face and hair. It is important, once a week, to apply a mask for your face to unclog pores, deep cleanse, and add glow. Hair masks are important as they restore damage from styling tools and add back moisture. This is the most important beauty routine that every collegiette needs to get in the habit of doing!

9) Washing hair with hot water

The long winter months make you crave a hot shower, but try to resist. The worst part about a hot shower is that it will dry out your skin and hair. Even though it’s very hard to take a cold shower, the colder water is less harsh on your hair. Hot water will cause your hair to break, thin, and fall out. Next time you take a shower, think about your hair first.

10) Not replacing your makeup

Makeup hoarding is a problem. While it might be hard to let go of your favorite mascara it’s not sanitary to keep certain products longer than recommended. Here is a little timeline of how long your makeup should last you:

Mascara and liquid eyeliners: Three monthsFoundation: Six monthsLipstick and eye shadow: 12 monthsFace Powder, blush, and bronzer: 24 month

Lastly, do not forget when it comes to your makeup brushes, make sure to wash them at least once a month! Beauty hack: use baby shampoo to wash out all the makeup left on your brushes.