Why Not Being Busy Can Be a Good Thing

If you’re like most other college-aged women, you try to do everything. You take a full class schedule, you hold down a job, participate in extracurriculars, are a leader in various groups, and find time for your friends and family. If you’re like me, there’s a part of you that enjoys this packed schedule. You love writing down all of your appointments and seeing your entire day planned out. I’m sure you’ve all encountered the humble brag where you tell others how swamped you are and throw your hands up and laugh about it, and then they respond in the same way and it turns into a lowkey “who’s the busiest” competition. So, while you may like this level of busy in your life, it’s not necessarily the best for you. Here are tips to help you manage your busy schedule

Know your schedule

Maybe you feel like you can’t give up your activities and involvement and have to stick to this intense schedule. If you’re going to take this route, then you’ll need to be on top of your schedule and follow it. Know when you have what meeting and where. Put your schedule in a planner and also in your phone calendar and set notifications. Download apps that can manage time and help you allot studying times. In the morning, plan out how to make your day as efficient as possible and stick to your schedule.

Evaluate your activities

While some activities aren’t optional, like classes, you should evaluate what you’re doing. Can you take a class pass/fail? Do that, so you can stress less about the work. Are you involved with something that you don’t feel particularly passionate about right now or is lower on your list than other activities? Drop that. Prioritize the activities you’re involved in and find ways you can make more time, such as not taking a leadership role in every club you’re in or cutting back hours you spend at work.

Learn to say no

It’s likely because you want to do so much and make the most of college, it’s hard for you to say no to opportunities that you feel could help you or that you’d be interested in. You need to start saying no, because it’s better for you and it also prevents people from taking advantage of you. Learn to say no to taking on more than you need to.

Make time for you!

Most importantly, learn to take time out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself. Do something you find relaxing, like working out, yoga, writing, or watching Netflix. Spend this time centering yourself and just relaxing so you can return to your schedule refreshed and refocused.