What It’s Like Being in An Honors Fraternity

The second half of my sophomore year, I became a member of Phi Sigma Pi, an honors fraternity with chapters across the country. Unlike most fraternities, we aren’t single gender and the only requirements are that you have a 3.0 GPA and embody the qualities of the brotherhood: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship. Being a member of this fraternity has had an incredible experience during my college career and I don’t regret joining for a second.

You Value Your Grades More

            Because PSP has the distinction of being an honors fraternity, that means we take our grades seriously. You can always find brothers who want to make a study group or are willing to head to the library with you. The fraternity also hosts scholarship events, which include presentations on future career options, or watching interesting documentaries.

You Grow

            PSP values having members who are well balanced and who participate in lots of different activities and are passionate about various subjects. In addition to scholarship events, we also do lots of service activities and social events that teach us how to work together and help others. The fraternity encourages us to take on leadership members, which helps us learn more about ourselves and become more confident.

You’re Always Busy

            While this fact might not always be a good thing, when you’re in PSP, there’s always something going on. Maybe you’re cleaning up a park, then have a brother dinner, and then need to go to chapter that night, followed by a committee meeting. Every week, there’s numerous events and other members are always making plans or involved in other activities on campus, so you’ll never be at a loss for what to do.

You Make Lots of Friends

            After joining PSP, I met A LOT of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Some of these people have become my closest friends, which is incredible. I currently live in the PSP house at the edge of campus and it’s always a fantastic time with these cool bros.