Is Tinder For Me?

What is one thing that our grandchildren will know about our college experience in 2018? Tinder.

The 21st century is a time where love no longer has to be complicated by thoughts of "does he like me? where can I find someone?" But just because Tinder helps minimize those problems to an extent, does that mean that Tinder is the dating platform for you? Here are some things to consider before downloading Tinder:

1. If you are looking to expand your network... then Go Tinder!

Tinder, similar to a variety of other dating apps on the market, is a great tool to expand your options of the dating pool. With this app, you'll never be restricted of love ever again!

2. Unless You're in a Secluded Area... then No Tinder!

Although you're able to extend your location range to over 50-miles, it's still fairly limited to where you are currently located. Therefore, unless you're in a highly populated area then the demographics of your dating pool can be fairly similar (whether that's a good or bad thing is up to your preference).

3. Looking for a relationship? ... Maybe Tinder?

Tinder is a very popular dating app so you're bound to have a large number of people and options no matter where you are located. However, Tinder also has the reputation of being a "hookup app." Despite this, there are multiple people who are on Tinder for many reasons, so don't rule out Tinder just yet if you're looking for a serious relationship! In my experience, the only downside to using Tinder when looking for a long-term relationship is that people might not take it seriously; therefore, you might not get a lot of conversations or people might not write anything in their bio - thus, giving you nothing to work with.

Overall, Tinder is an experience in itself. Whether you are looking for a hookup, a serious relationship, or are just curious about the experience, then why not go for it? The decision to create a dating app is definitely a big step in general because not only are you putting yourself out there, but you're taking a chance on something. Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your dating endeavor and keep on swiping!

My personal rating: Tinder - 3 stars


-Doesn't take a lot of time to use or set up a profile

-Casual in the sense that there is no pressure to talk to people or match with someone if you don't want to


-Personally, the location range itself isn't suitable for meeting up with someone if you don't have a car, so you are forced to keep it small (unless you want to increase your location range)

-Too casual in the sense that oftentimes you might match with someone and have no conversation whatsoever

-Some people don't have a bio on their profile which doesn't give you much to work with

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