Three Awesome Halloween Makeup

Halloween might be over, but it is never too early to start planning for next year’s costume. If you are a big Halloween lover, then check out these three awesome Halloween makeup ideas to get you thinking about next year's costume.

#1. Colorful Unicorn Makeup

Video courtesy of Abby Smith

If you are looking for a cute and colorful costume, consider dressing up as a unicorn! This sparkly makeup look is perfect and adaptable to wear with anything pastel. 

#2. Wonder Woman

Video courtesy of Carli Bybel

Show off your inner girl power with this Wonder Woman makeup look!

#3. Harley Quinn

Video courtesy of Dais Cosplay

Bring out your inner bad girl with this Harley Quinn costume. Although this makeup look requires a lot more face paint and makeup, this is a great costume to show off your artistic skills.

Cover image courtesy of Pinterest