Thanh Nguyen '18

Thanh Nguyen '18

HC: Hometown?

TN: Lancaster


HC: What are you involved in at F&M?

TN: Asian American Alliance, Intervarsity, Weis HA, Alpha Delta Pi, and a bit of Black Student Union and SISTERS


HC: What is your favorite memory at F&M?

TN: One of my favorite memories at F&M was when it was Spring Break during my freshmen year and the weather was just perfect. I felt like I was at a mini Coachella concert and it was so nice to be with my friends and be in the moment.


HC: Favorite place to eat in Lancaster? 

TN: Saigon Cafe, Barberet, and Chop Sushi


HC: Favorite place on campus?

TN: Shad


HC: What is your favorite quote?

TN: "What's always right isn't popular and what's popular isn't always right"


HC: What do you like to do for fun?

TN: Spending time with my family in Houston, Texas and eating a lot of Asian food.


HC: Favorite class you've taken here?

TN: East Asian Politics


HC: An interesting fact about you?

TN: When I was in middle school, I had a phase where I wanted Justin Bieber's skater boy haircut... just because I wanted to flip my bangs.


HC: Ben or John? (and why)

TN: John because no one really knows who he is...