Sick Vibes All Around

The temperature is dropping, the semester is coming to an end, some could even argue that the patriotism in our country is descending. So what does this all mean? It must be that weird stretch between Halloween and Turkey day, that we all feel digust toward. This 4-week slump is all a big blur on our syllabuses that after the tears of midterms dry up the reminder of final exam and projects comes up and hits us on the ass. So I wish I could write a post about how to save yourself from going through the blues or that it's all going to be okay, but I can’t, plain and simple. I wish you all the best in this time of triumph, and present some of the things that helped keep my head high in this gloomy time.

  • Annie’s Mac & Cheese: Such a simple pleasure, but comfort food is bae, and being raised on this boxed beauty is another piece of home away from home.
  • Netflix: Treating myself to an hour before bed, as bad as it may be, is so rewarding, but starting a new show a semester makes time fly bye.
  • Talking to my Mom: My mom and I are super close, and chatting with her on my way to class or while I’m waiting on laundry (proving I am not a complete slob), makes it seem like I just saw her the other day. Even calling the grandparents across the country, a gentle reminder to connect with family is just the best and so rewarding.
  • Squad Dates: Sure going out is great, but with my lack of sleep and motivation sometimes slapping on makeup and spending hours in a dark basement where the music is blasting isn’t exactly what I call fun. So impromtu mid-week dinners at a restaurant off campus, or even a pedicure on a Sunday morning, chatting with friends about our crappy weeks and laughing about how your awkward run-ins with an old hookup continue to progress, and what do you know, he’s roommates with the guy you had a huge crush on in gov last semester (like guys don’t talk…. well there goes my chance with him). Sometimes we need to just laugh at our selves.

So Ladies, all I can say is keep your head high, only 12 more days till Thanksgiving; where you can stuff your face with real food and hug your friends from home for the first time since August. I believe in you, your professors believe in you, and even you've just got to believe in yourself. Go forth and conquer this next week.