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Sharron Townsend ’16

Sharron Townsend ’16

Hometown: CamdenState: New JerseyMajor: EconomicsMinor: Women & Gender StudiesActivities: Varsity Wrestling, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Class Caucus, .08 to promote healthy and responsible drinking on college campuses, I.M.P.A.C.T – Intelligent Men Purposefully Accomplishing College Together,

1. What is your favorite thing about F&M? F&M is just an amazing school. I love everything about F&M from the amazing students, to the staff and administration, to the academic rigor, which challenges me intellectually. I have many great friends who I know I’ll definitely keep in touch with after college. 2. Motivational quote that helps get motivate you through all the stress? For as long as I can remember, my mom always told me,  “Do what you have to do now so that you can do what you want to do in the future.” 3. Three traits you look for in a girl? A woman who is honest, self-motivated, and intelligent. 4. Pet Peeve? I don’t really have any pet peeves. Im a laid-back person. 5. What do you enjoy most about being a wrestler? Wrestling has helped me to become a better man.  Wrestling has taught me persistence, hard work, and accountability. In wrestling, especially at the Division 1 level, we all lose matches, and things in life do not always go our way, but in wrestling we learn how to put those things behind us, put on our shoes, and get back after it. Wrestling has also taught me the true meaning of hard work. Wrestling is a sport where you cannot put the blame on someone else. For instance, in football, a loss can be contributed to the offensive line or the quarterback, but in wrestling it is just you and the other person. It is all about who has put the time in and who wants it more, so we train to outwork our opponent and to push ourselves to limits that we did not think were possible. In addition to the hard work, we learn to be accountable in wrestling. In this sport, you cannot blame anyone for your failures, especially at this level, you must be able to be accountable.

6. How does it feel to receive such a generous gift from an alumnus? It is such an honor for F&M Alum, David Lehman, to provide the wrestling team with a 5 million dollar endowment, which will go to helping the wrestling team grown tremendously. That gift speaks highly of Mr. Lehman and his selfless character, and the gratitude of the alumni for their perspective extra-curriculars. When I first found out the news, I was in such shock. I was at a lost for words. I hope to one day be able to do the same, since I firmly believe in the saying, “to whom much is given, much shall be required, and of him to whom they commit much, they shall require more.” 7. Ben or John? I’ll have to say both of them, because without Benjamin Franklin and John Marshall then we would not have Franklin & Marshall College, and I’d probably have to settle for a school like Dickinson. ;)

I am currently a senior at Franklin and Marshall College in the picturesque city of Lancaster, PA. I am a Spanish and History major and I'm excited to be a writer for HerCampus F&M. I love finding new and interesting ways to design nails and always share it with others. I also love all things of adventurous and exotic natures, stories, art, and cute boys (let's not forget what we really are checking on HerCampus).
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