Sara Juarez-Mendoza '20

Sara Juarez-Mendoza '20

HC: Hometown?

SJM: Los Angeles

HC: What are you involved in at F&M?

SJM: First Generation Diplomats, SISTERS, Secretary of MGL (Mi Gente Latina), and F&M Works

HC: What is your favorite memory at F&M?

SJM: Salsa Nights, because they're so much fun and they're one of the few times when I forget that I am away from home.

HC: Favorite place to eat in Lancaster?

SJM: Oka Asian Fusion

HC: Favorite place on campus?

SJM: It's a tie between Stager and my room

HC: What inspires you?

SJM: My resilient parents and those who pay it forward

HC: If you could do anything what would you do?

SJM: I would perfect the education system so that every child and student can get the best education possible regardless of region, economic background, race/ethnicity, etc.

HC: An interesting fact about you?

SJM: I have eleven piercing and two tattoos

HC: Ben or John? (and why)

SJM: No preference