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The Real Midterms Checklist

The Real Midterm Checklist

So, now midterms are here, what is the real way you can prepare for the middle of the semester? While you’re probably spending hours in the library studying for tests or finishing papers, there are other things you can do for yourself.

1. Binge watch Netflix – Now that the new season of House of Cards was just released, you have the perfect excuse to watch hours on end of Netflix. And dozens of new shows and movies will be coming to Netflix users throughout March as well. There will be plenty new material for you to get your fix on!
2. Have a night out
– Whether you plan this with your girls or your significant other, it’ll be a blast! Treat yourself to a nice dinner and see a movie afterwards. Go shopping. Or take a day trip to a local attraction you’ve always wanted to check out.

3. Host a movie night – Invite all of your friends over and pick a movie to watch. Make some popcorn and get some drinks and candy and you’ve got yourself an awesome night. You can all hang out and de-stress from all the tests that are coming up.

4. Take some extra naps – You’re probably missing out on getting enough shut eye throughout the night while you’re staying up late and studying. Taking a short nap in the afternoon will make you feel more alert and productive afterwards.

5. Listen to some music – While I’m sure many of you probably already listen to music while you study, take a break and solely listen to the music, without any distractions. Certain types of music will have a definite calming effect on you. Also, take advantage of this time to search for new music you really like. No matter how much you love a song, after a few hundred listens you’ll want to find something new you can listen to.

6. Skype or call your family – I think nearly all of us can agree with probably don’t take time for our families as much as we should. We get so caught up in college and the social and academic lives that we tend to forget a bit about our lives at home. In the midst of your studying, talk to some family members. They can be someone to vent to who is totally removed from the college scene and you know they genuinely care about you. Touching base with home will also leave you feeling more grounded and less panicky.

I attend Franklin & Marshall College and am the campus correspondent of the Her Campus chapter here. I also play flute with the Pep Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I am an editor for the Patsy Post, am involved with F&M Unleashed, a member of Mu Upsilon Sigma, and a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi, a co-ed honors fraternity.
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