Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloweekend is approaching soon! If you need a quick and easy costume for CEC's Chameleon Club event on Friday, Kappa Sigma & Chi Omega's Haunted House on Saturday, or any other Halloween activity, then look no further! Here are 12 costumes with clothes you already have in your closet and quick DIY-ing.

12 Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

1. It's Raining Men

This costume is a fun play on words and is made entirely of clothes you already own and print-outs of handsome men's faces!

Image courtesy of Studio DIY

What You'll Need: Rain Boots, Rain Jacket/Coat, Umbrella, Printed faces of celebrity/model men's faces, scissors, string/thread, and tape.

You can wear anything you want to under your raincoat and rain boots. Then all you need to do is print out photos of men's faces and cut them out. If you want them to be water-proof, you can use clear tape on both the front and back of their faces. Tape one end of a piece of string or thread to the back of one face and the other end to the inside of your umbrella. Do this for all of the faces you printed and your costume is complete!

2. Arthur the Aardvark

Embody this childhood television character with clothes you may already own, glasses, and easy-to-make ears. 

Image courtesy of LaurDIY

What You'll Need: Yellow Sweater, White Collared Shirt, Jeans, Converse, Dark Brown Construction Paper, Light Brown Construction Paper, Headband, Tape

You can wear this cute outfit for Halloweekend and (minus the ears) to class! To make the ears, you'll need to cut two ovals from the dark brown paper and two slightly smaller ovals from the light brown paper.  Glue or tape the light brown ovals on top of the dark brown ovals, then tape it to a headband. 

BONUS: Write an Arthur meme caption on a white sheet of paper and cut out a rectangle in the middle. Clench your fist and hold the paper in front of your fist to be the Arthur Meme!

3. Elaine Benes from Seinfeld

Bust out a summer dress, blazer, and you awkward dance moves to become Elaine from Seinfeld!

Image courtesy of http://ghk.h-cdn.co/assets/17/29/1500291916-diy-elainebenes-amandaalvarez.jpg

What You'll Need: Floral dress, blazer, bright-colored crew socks, and shoes. For your hair, do a front poof and (optional) curl your hair.

4. 80's Workout Costume

Layering is Key when it comes to this costume! You can layer a neon crop top over a neon shirt and neon knee-high socks with neon leggings and running shoes to look like part of an 80's workout video! Don't forget to put your hair up in a high ponytail with a scrunchie!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

What You'll Need: Any neon/bright clothes that you own, a scrunchie, athletic shoes, and (optional) small weights.

5. Rosie the Riveter

A cultural icon of WWII, Rosie the Riveter is now a symbol of female empowerment. This costume is simple and can be done as a group with friends!

Image courtesy of She Knows

What You'll Need: Blue/Denim shirt, Blue Jeans, Red Bandana, Red Lipstick.

All you need to do is the roll the sleeves of your shirt, make a muscle and do your best smize. Caption your photo with "We Can Do It!" for an epic Instagram.

6. 50 Shades of Grey

Your groufit has never been more appropriate! Wear all grey and, if possible, get a silver/grey masquerade mask or a silver/grey sleeping mask.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

What You'll Need: Any and all grey clothes you own! Layer as many different shades of grey as you can!

7. Scarecrow

If you like to be Out Standing in your Field (haha get it?), a cute and comfortable scarecrow costume is the one for you!

Image courtesy of Brit.Co

What You'll Need: Denim Overalls, Flannel, Boots, Hat, and eyeliner.

For your makeup, you should just draw stitchings from the corners of your mouth into a small smile, and a little stitching patch on your nose to complete this look!

8. Greek Goddess

If you have a white sheet and lots of gold jewelry, this is an easy costume for you to wear!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

What You'll Need: White Sheet, Gold Jewelry, and Sandals

There are many different ways to tie your sheet into a toga-style greek dress. My favorite method is to tie two parts of the long end of the sheet above one shoulder and then tie the extra material at my waist. Stack on as much gold jewelry as possible. If you have it, a gold eyeliner is a great look for this costume.

9. Robber

This is an easy costume you can do alone or with your partner-in-crime!

Image courtesy of Say Yes

What You'll Need: Black & White Striped Shirt, Black pants/leggings, Black Shoes, Black Beanie, Plain Tote Bag, Sharpie, and (optional) black eye mask.

All you need to do is draw a big money symbol ($$) on the tote bag and wear the outfit. This costume is great because you can put your books in it and wear it to class on Tuesday!

BONUS: print out fake money or get monopoly money and tape it to the inside at the top of the bag peeking out so everyone can see your loot!

10. Twins Emoji

This is a perfect costume to do with your best friend!

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

What You'll Need: Black Shorts, Black Shirt, Black Construction Paper, Headband, and a Friend!

For the ears, you should cut out the shape from the construction paper then tape it to the headband. Match with your friend and pose! Caption your post with the emoji and something about being besties for a cute Instagram post.

11. Pink Shirt Girl Emoji

This costume is a lazy girl's best friend because it requires even less effort than any other costume listed!

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

What You'll Need: Pink Long Sleeve Shirt (that's it!)

Do your favorite poses from the emoji throughout the night and don't forget to take photos and snaps!

12. Pinterest Board

If you're obsessed with Pinterest (who isn't tbh) and can't go and buy a costume, this is perfect for you!

Image courtesy of She Knows

What You'll Need: Cardboard, printouts of anything you want, printed "Pinterest" word, scissors, tape and string.

Get some cardboard from the blue bin in the mail room and flatten. Cut the cardboard into a rectangle. Next, tape the photos you printed out onto the cardboard and tape the word "Pinterest" to the top. Cut a string long enough to go around your neck and tape the two ends to the back of the cardboard. Wear anything you want and walk around!