Quanece Thompson '18

HC: Name?

QT: Quanece Thompson

HC: Class year?

QT: 2018

HC: Major/minor?

QT: Joint Animal Behavior and Theater Major

HC: Hometown?

QT: Bronx, NY

HC: Favorite ice cream flavor?

QT: Cookies and Cream

HC: Favorite quote?

QT: We were born to be real, not to be perfect.

HC: Fav memory of F&M?

QT: Last year, we received a lot of snow and I wanted to go sledding with some friends. However, we didn't have a sled so we ending up getting large trash bags from dhall and cut holes in them so we can basically become a human sled. I know it sounds really crazy, but we went to Buchanan Park and picked the biggest hill we could find. At the top of the hill, I started to run and tried to slide down the hill, and it was a disaster because I ended up just tumbling down the hill and almost fell into a tree. 

HC: Ben or John?

QT: John because when I was the mascot, I dressed up as him.