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President Dr. Porterfield

PSA: Dan Porterfield is the greatest man you will ever meet.

To those students who have yet to attend office hours or simply introduce themselves, I strongly encourage you to have a conversation with our President. Not only is his list of accomplishments too long to list, but he is also an incredible person that is dedicated to supporting the students of F&M. I am honored to say I consider him a friend and even more grateful he found time to answer some trivial and some serious questions about himself. Read on to find out more about F&M’s illustrious President Dr. Porterfield!

HC: What was your major in college?

DP: English 

HC: What made you choose this major? 

DP: I loved literature and viewed it as the generalist’s major because the course material covered everything that could be written about. 

HC: If you could not be President of F&M for a day, what would you be doing instead?

DP: I would be serving as the Secretary General of the United Nations — or, on the lighter side either hanging out with Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Baby Blue.

HC: What is your favorite memory from college?

DP: Meeting my wife, Karen, which led to hundreds more great memories that our children never seem to want to hear about. 

HC: What is your favorite color?

DP: Blue 

HC: What are you most proud of?

DP: The lives of my children and our family. 

HC: Would you ever go skydiving?

DP: No, unless my doing so could save lives. 

HC: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

DP: The shortstop for the New York Yankees, and, later, mayor of the City of Baltimore.

HC: Where was the most interesting place you’ve travelled to?

DP: Russia in 1984 when no one could have imagined the end of the Soviet Union.

HC: What is your biggest fear?

DP: That humanity will fail to come together to address the risks and challenges that could limit the lives and happiness of future generations.

HC: What is one thing you wish the students of F&M knew about you?

DP: That their creativity inspires me.

HC: What is your favorite part about being President of F&M?

DP: The chance to watch students and educators co-create learning, knowledge, and meaning. 

HC: What is your favorite movie?

DP: It depends on my mood, but it’s hard to top Pulp Fiction and The Parent Trap. 

HC: What is a typical day in the life of an F&M President?

DP: A typical day involves talking with students, important campus moments, asking people to help F&M, promoting F&M in the public space, problem-solving with colleagues, sending positive messages on social media, and drinking eight cups of coffee. 

HC: Ben or John? 

DP: Has to be both! We’re not Franklin or Marshall!

Just a girl who likes too much hockey, too much Netflix, and too many books.
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