Megan Whittier '19

Meet one of our fabulous writers, Megan Whittier! She is a Government and Studio Art Double Major from Darien, CT.

HC: Hometown?

MW: Darien, CT


HC: Major?

MW: Government/Studio Art Double Major


HC: What are you involved in at F&M?

MW: Womens Golf, Equestrian Team, SAAC, Squash ACES, Ware Parliament


HC: What's your favorite memory at F&M?

MW: At parents weekend my First year, my Dad wanted to see his Frat's chapter house on campus. I had only been to Phi Si and Tao and actually had to google where Skulls was. We walk up to the house and as I turn to walk back to campus my Dad walks up and knocks on the front door. Terrified I stand on the sidewalk while, 3 upperclassmen answer the door, next thing I know my Dad waves me to come over, I literally stood shell shocked as my father shot gunned a beer with like 10 of the brothers.


HC: Favorite place to eat in Lancaster? 

MW: Rachel's Creperie or Splits & Giggles


HC: Favorite place on campus?

MW: The Academy Room in Shad my team and I have declared that our loft... lol


HC: What's your favorite quote?

MW: "People will stare. Make it worth their while." -Harry Winston


HC: An interesting fact about you?

MW: I'm part Native Hawaiian... I think the freckles really give it away tho


HC: What's your dream vacation?

MW: Bora Bora


HC: Favorite class you've taken here?

MW: Baseball in American Literature and History with Prof. O'Hara


HC: Ben or John? (and why)

MW: Ben... got to love that bald spot