Max Black '18

Name: Max Black

Year: 2018

HC: What are you passionate about?

MB: I guess music. I play bass and guitar, and I write music and lyrics with my guitar, and I play bass in the jazz band here.

HC: Hometown?

MB: Phoenixville, PA

HC: What is your major?

MB: Environmental science and chemistry minor.

HC: Who inspires you?

MB: I guess I’ll be corny and say my girlfriend.

HC: What is your favorite type of music? Album? Or song?

MB: Alex G. He’s a Philly band, I guess I’d say he’s indie.

HC: Go to snack?

MB: I eat a lot of oreos.

HC: What are you grateful for?

MB: My family, because they are so supportive and always have been in anything that I do.

HC: What is your go to emoji?

MB: The sunglasses emoji (i.e. the cool emoji.)

HC: What kind of cookie do you find to be the most delicious?

MB: Peanut butter chocolate chip. Homemade.

HC: What is your ideal date?

MB: I guess like going out to dinner and then going to a concert or show or something.

HC: One fun fact about yourself?

MB: I have red hair. Natural red head. No dyes.

HC: Who is your celeb crush?

MB: Sky Ferreira.

HC: Which snapchat filter is your fave?

MB: The dog filter even though it's the most basic one.

HC: What is your fave rom/com?

MB: I hate rom coms to be honest. Sorry.

HC: What do you value most in life?

MB: Relationships with people.