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Kayla Berman ’14

Kayla Berman, the President of Colleges Against Cancer at Franklin and Marshall, sat down with me to talk to us about Relay for Life. Relay is an all-night event, which helps raise money for cancer research. Cancer touches everyone in different ways, and we are so grateful for all the hard work this club does every year, especially Kayla.

How did you join Colleges against Cancer?

I walked into a meeting and they said they wanted a treasure. I said I was treasure in high school – and I like to say I was stuck because I had an executive position in the club. And now four years later I’m the president. 

Relay for Life is of our big events. What is one of your greatest memories of Relay?

One of the survivors sent a really nice letter on Facebook about everything the school has done and how important (very moving, -'this is why we do this’) the money that we raise – save lives and these are the survivors and this is why we are doing it.  It was really important. We also crack glow sticks if anyone you know has been touched by cancer.

Who do you relay for?

I relay for my grandparents (my mom’s parents). Also, in high school, my best friend’s mom died of cancer.

What are you hoping for the future of Relay on our campus?

We had 825 participants this year – I would love 100% participation. They say that in the next few years, the way college Relays will run until 2 am instead of 5 am, with a party at the end. Nationally, as Relays go, F&M raises more money than other larger universities.




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