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Jacob Goodkin ’19

Jacob Goodkin ‘19

HC: Favorite candy?

JG: Hershey’s chocolate or watermelon sour patch.

HC: What are you most excited about at F&M right now?

JG: Meeting new people and having different experiences from what I’m used to I guess.

HC: What drives you crazy?

​JG: People in classes that suck up to the teachers, or the people who ask questions that are not relevant or questions that are kiss-assy, that’s the worst.

HC: Celebrity crush?

​JG: Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother.

HC: One thing you can’t resist?

​JG: Hanging out with friends, or a Philly cheese steak.

HC: Relationship status?

​JG: Single

HC: Favorite personality trait in a girl?

​JG: Quirkiness and has an adventurous side.

HC: Favorite word to say?

​JG: I make clicks and stuff… I say that’s dope, maybe, I don’t know.

HC: Ideal date?

​JG: Netflix and chill… no no no wait I’m joking! An ideal date would go more along the lines of a nice fall afternoon, with a nice breeze, maybe a nice walk, and then chillin in a hammock. All that would be followed by a good steak dinner with red wine… or just a long walk on the beach, I’m that type of guy as well, but Netflix and chill I’m always down for that.

HC: Do you have any superstitions?

​JG: Not really. I’d say life’s life; you can’t limit it with the fear of superstitions.

HC: Fun fact about yourself?

​JG: I like to white water kayak, I’m pretty good at it. It’s different from rafting just to put that out there. I’m not good at interviews.

HC: What’s your fave pair of boxers?

JG: I have ones with ice cream cones on them, and I like the pair with dogs on them too.


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