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Info Desk Tips

As an information desk worker I have to talk to a lot of people on the phone and in person. During my year working at the college center I have seen and heard a lot. For all you F&M students, here are 10 tips to make your transaction at the information desk much smoother.

1. Be prepared – what are you asking about? We can’t mind read or help you find a solution if you don’t know what you want!

2. We are a switchboard. Don’t ask us to give you a phone number. Ask us to transfer you. It will be quicker and much more painless. Just make sure you know who you are trying to contact, or at least what they do on campus.

3. Sometimes people aren’t in their office or they don’t have a voice mail setup: don’t complain to me – I’ll transfer you to the main department and you can probably leave a message with the secretary there.

4. If you can’t find something online – just ask us.

5. Yes we are the lost and found for non-valuable items. If you have lost your ID, backpack (it’s happened), sweatshirt, coffee cup…it may be with us. FYI: IF your ID is found, we will try to contact you through an email/phone call. Also, all valuable items go to Public Safety.

6. You can’t get the keys to a room unless we have your name on the key list. If you have a problem with this, talk to your leader/president. We will need your ID or your license, even if you’re running into the room for five minutes.

7. Be considerate of your volume. It’s not that easy to hear the phone when you’re sitting behind the desk.

8. Pick up your packages if you don’t want us to blow up your phone/email with requests.

9. Yes, we have maps! Yes, you can have them! Yes, we have tape/scissors! No, you can’t keep them!

10. Say hi to us, or at least smile while walking by… it gets lonely back here.

Simple and easy – you won’t leave the desk flustered with embarrassment or anger.

Get us food during lunch/dinner times and we’ll keep an eye out for that lost ID.

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