How to Make the Most of Thanksgiving Break

With break fast approaching, we’re all anxious to ditch the papers and stress of class every day for the chance to relax to relax at home for a few days. For some people, Thanksgiving break will be the first time they head home since the semester started, and it’s likely the first time all your friends will be home too. While you may be tempted to just head home and sleep, don’t waste your entire break closeted inside of your room.

See your friends

You might be busy visiting family or trying to catch up on the dozens of hours you’ve lost so far throughout the semester, but make sure you make time for your friends from high school. These are the friends who have known you the longest, so it’s important to keep cultivating your relationship with them. Catch up on all the stuff that’s been happening in each other’s lives and reminisce about high school!

Take time for family

It’s probably a given that you’ll be seeing family over the holiday, but make sure you give them the attention they deserve. Try not to be glued to your phone the entire Thanksgiving meal, and go visit any relatives who might not be able to make it to dinner.

Do something different

When you go home, you probably do the same old routine; stay at your parents’ house, maybe go out to a familiar restaurant, go to the same bar. This break, try out a new place. If the weather’s nice, take a hike somewhere you’ve never been before or go to a restaurant you’ve never tried before.

Visit old spots

While it’s important to do something different, you might also want to head to familiar spots to stir up your nostalgia. Get together a group of your high school friends and hit up some old spots you used to hang out at in high school. Bring back some memories and make new ones.

Do some work!

I completely advocate having all kinds of fun while you’re home for break, it’s also important to get some work done. Don’t spend your entire break with your nose in the books, but you should get a moderate amount of work done so you aren’t stressing over all the stuff you’ll have to do once you’re back on campus.