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How to Help with Typhoon Haiyan Relief

November 8th 2013. Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, it has been recorded as one of the strongest storms with a wind gusts up to 200mph (320km/h). The storm has displaced over 12 million people, and has shut down schools, offices and the airport. Tacloban is the major city that was hit the hardest and according to the latest reports is having major problems in burying the dead, since they are running out of space, the official death toll has been reported as 3,633 with 1,179 people still missing. Hundred of international aid workers have flown to the  country and set up makeshift  hospitals--for many of the small fishing town, aide took even longer to arrive, mostly because of how isolate they were. Government workers are also trying their best to distribute aid to hundreds crowded in classrooms.   Families have received four kilograms of noodles and rice, other survivors are starting to rebuild, with most giving up hope on finding loved ones.

Many online sites, such as Tumblr and Facebook have started donation pages, asking users to donate up to 10 dollars in aid. Worldvision.org-Typhoon Haiyan campaign and Unicef have set up donation websites as well if you would like to help the victims.

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