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Hot Workout Wear that Wows

During these cold wintery months, motivating yourself to go to the gym can be difficult. Who wants to go to workout, knowing that they’re going to have to wear frumpy sweatpants and sweatshirts to stay warm all the time? Not us. Don’t worry ladies- there is hope–Her Campus F&M has your back. What is more motivational then cute gym fashion? With these fantastic assembles, you’ll be itching to go to the gym so you can show off your new look. Here are some essential pieces no gym fashion star should be with out. With a little mixing and matching, you’ll keep fit and fabulous all winter long.

I. Cropped leggings. We cannot rave enough about cropped leggings. They’re the perfect combination of warm enough to wear in the winter, but cool enough to work out in. Cropped leggings are way more fashionable then frumpy sweatpants. They are also sweat resistant, easy to move in, and come in a variety of styles. Here are some of our favorites:

a. Wunder Under Crop; $72; lululemon.com

b. Run: Inspire Crop II; $86; lululemon.com

c. Nike Strut Crop; $100; nike.com

II. Bright running sneakers. For sneakers, we say the brighter, the better. Stay happy and stay motivated all winter long with a pair of bright, Nike Free 5.0+ running sneakers. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and so cute you wont want to take it off!

a. Nike Free 5.0+; $100; nike.com


III. A supportive sports bra: Fashionistas need to be on point all over, and undergarments are no exception. There is nothing worse that feeling self-conscious while you’re working out. Invest in a good, supportive sports bra that you feel comfortable in. It will give you the confidence boost you need to rock your workout. Try one of these picks:

a. Nike Scoop Back sports bra; $58; nike.com

b. Nike Pro sports bra; $30; nike.com

IV. Sassy tanks: What screams motivation then an awesome, sassy tank from lookhuman.com? Nothing like a little fitspo humor to get you through that tough workout. ;)

a. I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle (Dark Tank); $27; lookhuman.com

b. I flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off tank; $27; lookhuman.com

c. Hakuna Masquata tank; $29; lookhuman.com

d. I Like The Way You Twerk It; $27; lookhuman.com

e. Swole Mates Forever; $27; lookhuman.com

Caroline is an Art History Major at Tulane University, class of 2016.  She's passionate about fashion, design, comedy, and traveling. Originally Philladelphia, Caroline can be seen on campus sketching in her moleskin notebook, doing yoga, telling stand up comedy, and spending time with her family and friends.    
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