Her Campus at Boston College: Get to Know The Her Campus Network!

Did you know that there are multiple Her Campus chapters all around the country? The Her Campus network is one of the best things about being involved with Her Campus. We had the opportunity to interview Amanda, a member of Her Campus at Boston College. Find out more about their chapter below!

Image courtesy of Her Campus at Boston College (HCBC)

Her Campus at Boston College: Get to Know The Her Campus Network!

HCF&M: When was your chapter first installed? 

HCBC: November 7, 2010

HCF&M: Why did you decide to join Her Campus? 

HCBC: I decided to join Her Campus because I love both giving and receiving advice. College is a much less intimidating place when you have people willing to share their experiences with you, and I think that Her Campus is a great platform to share your stories and advice with fellow classmates in a fun and safe environment.

HCF&M: What is the best part about being involved with Her Campus? 

HCBC: The best part about being involved in Her Campus is being able to bond with a group of girls with similar interests and passions as myself.  Additionally, even though we have a lot in common, everyone has a unique take on different aspects of life at BC, and it’s incredibly interesting to see the school from so many different points of view.

HCF&M: What is your favorite event that your chapter has organized in the past?

HCBC: My favorite event so far has been our chapter’s wine and DIY tote bag night.  It’s a much different experience being able to spend time with everyone on a Friday night when we’re relaxed as opposed to a meeting on a Sunday night where we may be more stressed and distracted with other things.

HCF&M: Is there a specific article that you are most proud of?

HCBC: My favorite article is probably the first one I published.  Even though it may not be the next Great American novel, I was so excited to be able to share something that people could connect with and learn from.