Hayat Rahmeto '19

Name: Hayat Rahmeto

Year: 2019

HC: Hometown?

HR: Omaha, NE

HC: What is your major?

HR: Neuroscience.

HC: Who inspires you?

HR: My parents straight up, came to America 22 years on a lottery green card from Ethiopia.

HC: Favorite Class you’ve taken at F&M so far?

HR: BIO 110.

HC: Go-to snack?

HR: that’s a toughie; I eat everything in my path, probs potato chips..or anything in my path.

HC: What are you grateful for?

HR: My family, because they are so supportive and always have been in anything that I do.

HC: What is your go to emoji?

HR: The laughing one, because I’m always laughing, truly my #1. It is my most frequently used.

HC: What is your ideal date?

HR: Something spontaneous, like not just dinner and a movie.

HC: One fun fact about yourself?

HR: I didn’t meet my older brother till I was 10, and English isn’t my first language.

HC: Who is your celeb crush?

HR: Theo James

HC: Which snapchat filter is your fave?

HR: The one that makes your face really fat… that’s hilarious.

HC: What is your fave movie?

HR: So hard I love so many, probably Life of Pi, or the Da Vinci Code.

HC: What do you value most in life?

HR: Good people, like family and good friends, being happy I value most.