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Goodbye Bathing Suits and Hello Boots and Cardigans!

Burgundy hues, studded fabric and almond toe loafers are a must have for this fall season. I’m passionate about fashion and I am confident that if you are reading this you are too. And if you are not, that’s fine too because I can make fashion interesting to anyone! I not only admire fashion but I love clothes, all clothes whether it’s in style or not. My name is Xiara Arroyo, a Women Gender & Fashion major and at the moment, I am working on my own clothing line, which I hope to share with all of you beautiful readers soon. But enough about me! Now, on to more about fashion trends this fall!
The best part about fall is that there are always so many options select from. From colors to textures to wardrobe pieces, fall always has numerous trends to play around with, even if a piece isn’t quite “your style.” But, mixing and matching styles can be fun, if done right! Are you a country, down to earth kind of girl that’s afraid to wear studding because rocker chick isn’t quite you? Try wearing a long chiffon skirt with an eccentric cut, a solid colored tank or t-shirt, leather riding boots and a leather-studded jacket. Don’t forget to accessorize! Try adding a spiked or a thick metal bracelet to make the studding on the jacket pop!

Do you have a sort of edgy look that you are trying to tone down a bit for class? Try a printed dress that has a wide skirt, while still sporting your badass ankle boots or studded loafers, topped with a solid sweater or cardigan. And remember, accessorize!! Toned down accessories would work best with this look, for instance studs such as diamonds or pearl earrings would compliment the outfit well. If you are more of a necklace gal, wear a thin chain that reaches right below the collarbone.

These are just a few of the many looks to try for this fall. Stay tuned to find out about different outfits, styles and how to incorporate fashion into your daily schedule.

Todays lesson: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!!


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