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Get to Know: Her Campus at Lancaster!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at F and M chapter.

Hello to all of our readers – boy do we have a treat for you! We have collaborated with Her Campus at Lancaster, UK to learn more about their campus and see how life is different in Lancaster, UK versus Lancaster, USA. Check out this college profile on Lancaster University!

What is the name of your university?

Lancaster University

When was your university founded?

1968, making it one of many UK universities to be founded in the 1960s.

Do you have a school mascot? If so, what/who is it?

We don’t have an official mascot, although you could say it is the red rose since we are in the county of Lancashire’s capital: Lancaster. Plus, our university is split into a collegiate system so each college has its own identity, making our students feel at home.

Where is the number one place where students love to spend time?

Dare we say it? Sugar. A.k.a The Sugarhouse, Lancaster’s finest student nightclub. That was sarcasm! We all love to hate on Sugar, but we end up there every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night… Students also love spending time in the college bars, particularly Grizedale bar for cocktails, and a hearty English Breakfast in County bar! We also have many eateries on campus, from our own deli, to Subway, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Greggs and favourite fast-food haunt of many a Lancaster student, Sultan’s.

What is your school known for?

Winning Roses. At least the University of York know us for that! Roses is an annual sporting competition between us and our rivals York; the War of the Roses still lives on! Last year, we hosted the event and won, so we’re hoping to keep up tat winning streak when we battle our hearts out in York this year!

We were also named Times University of the Year 2018 in the UK, beating the world-famous universities: Oxford and Cambridge. We are by far not the biggest university in the UK but we’re becoming more and more well-known for our incredible research. You’ll often find us on BBC News. Plus, it is currently one of only nine universities to be ranked in the top 10 across all national league tables of UK universities.

How would you describe life as a student at your university?

Very busy! Although Lancaster is a small city, there’s always so much to do on and off campus! Sports teams and societies are a big part of our university culture, as well as the shops, restaurants and bars in town. We have a market twice a week in town, and once a week on campus where so much is on offer, including fresh fruit and veg, super yummy pancakes from The Pancake Man, vintage clothes, plants and posters.

What is life like in the UK?

Life in the UK is, well, just life! We won’t claim it is anything special, but we love everything about our home country!

What is a student’s favorite thing to do at your university?

Most likely, a daily trip to Greggs (a famous British pasty shop) for a sausage roll, or two. Their doughnuts are also incredible! The proof is in the pudding: the enormous queue at lunchtime. Very British food on a student budget. We also like sneaking it into the library in our pockets, attempting to avoid the watchful eye of the assistants who are totally against hot food in the library!

What is one fun fact about your university?

Funnily enough, our on-campus Greggs is the best-selling Greggs in the UK!

All photos were taken by Hannah Spencer of HC Lancaster

Helen Jordan

Lancaster '19

Helen is a third year English Language student and will graduate in 2019. Her favourite topics to write about include cooking and tips for uni life. This is Helen's second year writing for Her Campus and she is looking forward to her role as Chapter Correspondent for Lancaster in the 2018/2019 academic year.
Anna Mather

Lancaster '19

Anna is a final year student of French & Linguistics at Lancaster University and will graduate in 2019. She is one of Lancaster's Chapter Correspondents. Her favourite topics to write about are fashion, style and interior design ideas. She loves to share photos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ku_layrosas/ She also runs Kulayrosas, her own fashion, faith and lifestyle blog: https://kulayrosas.com/
Vivian is the current Campus Correspondent and Marketing Director of the Her Campus chapter at F&M, where she has been a member for 3 years. She is a senior at Franklin & Marshall College, studying business and sociology. In her free time, she can be found catching up on TV shows, reading novels, or spending time with her sorority sisters. Her interests include branding, public relations, and marketing.