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Founders Face-Off: Halloween Costumes

This last week, everyone pulled out their Halloween costumes for a week of costume parties and fun. From our favorite movie characters to outrageously comically get-ups, each person brought their own persona to the characters they were portraying. So out of Ben and John, who would be voted to have the best Halloween costume of the year?

Let’s look at Ben:

  1. Ben was constantly inventing and coming up with outrageous ideas that often turned out to work.
  2. Ben was quite the humorist as well. Many of his quick-witted phrases are still around, like ““I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”
  3. Though Ben held himself to high virtues, sometimes life got the best of him. He loved his beer; even at one point saying “Beer is proof God loves us.”

Now let’s look at John:

  1. John was a much more simple man than Ben. He did not live the fast-paced and jumbled life of Ben.
  2. John was not always the most popular, either. He often made the unpopular decision in the courts.
  3. Though he appreciated the simpler ways of life, John was known for his charm, humor, intelligence, and way of bringing together people. He was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Who knew?

John may be able to get the party going with his charm and humor, but Ben would be the obvious showstopper of the party. John would be the guy who dresses up simply in clothes already in his closet. Ben, on the other hands, would go to the full extent of creating his own outfit. Even if the outfit turned into a Lady Gaga mishap, everyone would still rave over his creativity and wild way of getting the party going. Sorry John, thanks for getting the party started, but Ben stole the show.

Winner: Ben!

I am currently a senior at Franklin and Marshall College in the picturesque city of Lancaster, PA. I am a Spanish and History major and I'm excited to be a writer for HerCampus F&M. I love finding new and interesting ways to design nails and always share it with others. I also love all things of adventurous and exotic natures, stories, art, and cute boys (let's not forget what we really are checking on HerCampus).
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