Finals Week told by Parks & Recreation

1. Looking at everything you need to do this week

2. Realizing that you know nothing

3. Asking your professors for extensions...

4. But all professors are like

5. When you start studying but have a breakdown

6. And will eat anything after studying for hours

7. When you are really hoping what you're studying will be useful later in life

8. So you get distracted and try to justify your retail therapy

9. But then realize that you procrastinated for too long

10. So you try to ACTUALLY start studying

11. And it is the Monday of Finals Weeks

12. But you start to kind of understand the material you need

13. When you pull an all-nighter before your first exam

14. And your friend asks how you are doing

15. What your professors are thinking before you start taking your exam

16. Versus what they actually say

17. But you studied a lot and know you can do it

18. When you did well on an exam you thought you failed

19. But finals are over and it is finally winter break!All gifs courtesy of Giphy

Cover image Know Your Meme