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Don’t Become Friends with a Senior

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at F and M chapter.

Under no circumstances should you ever become friends with a senior in college the semester before they graduate. Just don’t.

Thanks to extremely unfortunate circumstances that allowed me to become exceptionally close friends with two graduating seniors this past semester, I am now left with feelings of complete sadness and despair as soon they are about to leave this college campus with officially no swipes for Dhall, no complaints about the three flights of stairs to Stager, and no blocked out times in the dance studio.

My recommendation? Don’t do it. Don’t become friends with that really nice senior, who offers to drive you to IHOP, who bakes cookies for you before your dance concert, who makes you dinner, who introduces you to new music, who returns the eye rolls when someone in class says something you don’t agree with, who asks how your paper went for another class. Don’t even think about it.

Their friendship is not worth the pain you feel once they graduate. Their advice and outlook on life that is entirely different from your “college for the next 2 years” perspective is not worth the distance that will be put between you in just a few days time. Their caring, compassionate personality that always listens to your complaints that they already went through is not worth getting to know because soon you’re not going to have them be just a 5 min walk away from your annoyingly on campus dorm room.

And so friends, I write to warn you. Those seniors are mean, selfish, and not friendly whatsoever. Do not become friends with them. And especially do not become friends with them their last semester of college.

(I would like to give a special shout-out to Ariana Solodar-Wincele and Gena Medoff for being the two senior friends I now have to learn to live without. Please visit. Please.)

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Karolina Heleno is a student at Franklin and Marshall College majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. She currently serves as the Communications Intern with the YWCA of Lancaster.