Closet Staples for Fall

The fall season is finally upon us (though it took a while for the chilly weather to fully kick in) and your wardrobe should be updated too. There are certain items that you just have to have in order to make it through this season and be comfortable with the temperature changes and whatever else you may encounter.

A cozy scarf

            Nothing is better than having warmth wrapped around your neck, so get yourself a scarf that can go with most of your clothes. I personally recommend black, but that’s because the majority of my wardrobe is black.

Black leggings

            By now, womankind’s love affair with black leggings is no secret. Some girls opt to wear them as pants for any time during the day – class, working out, the club, etc, while others opt for a classic look by wearing them under longer tunics or sweaters. No matter how you choose to wear black leggings, you’ll want to have lots of them.

A warm raincoat

            Because the weather is getting colder, but is still rainy, you’ll want to have something waterproof, but with enough insulation to keep you warm.

Great boots

            Like I mentioned above, there’s likely to be a lot of rain in the fall, so make sure you’re prepared. Get yourself a stylish pair of rainboots, but also a pair of riding boots that you can pair with your leggings and jeans and pretty much anything you wear. Boots are always in style.

Fuzzy socks

            Let’s be real, who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? You can get them in all different colors and patterns and they’re guaranteed to keep your feet warm, especially if you’re at a bonfire or something on these chilly fall nights.


            Get clothes you can layer! Sometimes fall weather is warmer than you expect, so instead of sweating all through class, get some layers you can easily peel off and put back on whenever you feel a change in temperature. You’ll be happy when it’s cold outside, but the classroom’s heat is cranked up.