Class Registration As Told By Spongebob Gifs

Course registration week is finally over! For some of us, the experience was quite pleasant because the process was smooth and quite fast (ahem, upperclassmen - SOME OF THEM). And for others, it was stressful and full of adrenaline. No matter what stage you are in your college experience, course registration will always give you the slight feeling of a nervous breakdown at least ONCE throughout the week. Here are a few Spongebob gifs to reminisce on what our week was like:

When your friends are there for emotional support:

Getting mentally prepared for course registration:

The feeling you get when the computer either says "session timeout" or you need to re-enter your pin and start over:

When someone tells you that they got everything that they wanted meanwhile you haven't even entered your CRNs yet:

When you find out that you've been waitlisted:

But registration is officially over and you're all set to go!

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