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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

     Do you love dancing around to artists like Daddy Yankee, Shakira, or J.Lo? Do you love the works of Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera? Do you love watching fútbol? Well, Saturday September 15, 2012 began a full month of celebrating Hispanic heritage and culture! Across the country many Latin American countries will be celebrating their independence through parades and parties. Even right here at F&M there will be Copacabana nights with Hispanic music and salsa dancing!

     I never quite understood what it meant to be Hispanic until I was in high school. I went to a high school with many Hispanics and from them I learned that one should always be proud of their heritage. Though I probably have no ounce of Hispanic blood in me, I have always felt inspired by their culture. I’ve been studying Spanish since 10th grade and have been trying with all my might to absorb as much as I can. Not only have I studied the language, but I’ve also learned, through good friends, a lot about what it means to be Dominican, Guatemalan, or Puerto Rican. I think it is important that even though one may not have Hispanic heritage, we can still celebrate Hispanic communities and learn how they come together with pride.

     Inspired by Mi Gente Latina, a Hispanic organization at F&M, I plan on trying to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month as much as I can. For those ambitious enough, many events are taking place in Washington, D.C. this month. From parades to music concerts, there is something for everyone. If D.C. is a little too far from home for you, try going out to eat to one of the local Spanish eateries like Cocina Mexicana on Prince Street or even El Pueblito on Dillersville Road, a Mexican grocery store and restaurant. Create a Spanish playlist in Spotify or on Pandora. Some of my favorite musicians include Reik, Jesse & Joy, and Camila. Who knows…maybe you will find yourself studying Spanish or taking a Latin American culture class next semester? There are plenty of ways to celebrate and appreciate Hispanic heritage this month. ¡Celebremos!

I am currently a senior at Franklin and Marshall College in the picturesque city of Lancaster, PA. I am a Spanish and History major and I'm excited to be a writer for HerCampus F&M. I love finding new and interesting ways to design nails and always share it with others. I also love all things of adventurous and exotic natures, stories, art, and cute boys (let's not forget what we really are checking on HerCampus).
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