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Caroline’s Style Star of the Week

This week, I interviewed Marisa Kaplan, Franklin and Marshall College’s HerCampus Style Star of the week. Marisa is 19, from right outside Philadelphia, and is my good friend and roommate. She is a psychology and theater double major, and a fashionista.

 1. Hi Marisa! In a few words, how would you describe your fashion style?

I would say that my style is a combination of edgy, daring, vintage and the occasional bohemian.

2. Where do you usually shop?

Many of my items come from local stores back home. I like finding items that are different and that no one else I know owns something like them. I also frequent Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Free People.

3. What decades influence your fashion choices?

I would say that the biggest decades that influence my choices are the 60s-80s. I own a lot of high-waisted floral pants. One of my favorite pieces is a kimono shirt with fringe which screams 60s, hence the reason why I bought it! I am also slightly obsessed with the 80s. I have a pair of bright green pants, where at first glance seem like they are un-wearable, but I took the challenge and they have become one of my favorite pants. Another 80s inspired piece is my pair of blue crushed velvet pants. Again pretty daring because I know no one who owns them but that’s one of the reasons why I bought them. I like the unusual when it comes to clothing.

4. What do you think makes you Her Campus’s Fashion Star of the week?

I think it’s because I don’t follow trends, I break the rules and pull them off!

I had a lot fun going through Marisa’s wardrobe with her, and picking out three amazing outfits. Check out what she wore!

1) Motorcycle Grunge

-T-shit, designed by Mondo from Project Runway, Season 8 (Mando)

-Leather pants (Urban)

-Feather Earrings

 -Leather jacket (Nixon)

-Leather motorcycle boots (Jessica Simpson)


2)Black Sparkle Glam

-Statement Necklace (Banana republic)

-Sparkly top (Urban)

-Leather Skirt (Urban)

-Leather boots (purchased in Madrid)

3) Vintage Chic

-High waisted floral jeans (BDG)

-Brown long sleeve top (Abercrombie and Fitch)

-Long Beaded Earrings (Urban)

-Vintage Inspired Boots (Target)

Caroline is an Art History Major at Tulane University, class of 2016.  She's passionate about fashion, design, comedy, and traveling. Originally Philladelphia, Caroline can be seen on campus sketching in her moleskin notebook, doing yoga, telling stand up comedy, and spending time with her family and friends.    
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