Best Parts of Going to a Smalltown High School

I grew up in a small town and have gone to the same school district my entire educational career (until college, that is). I never thought of this life as particularly different growing up, but once I went to college, people were often dumbfounded at such a background. I received many condescending comments about how where I came from was “backwards,” “boring,” “ignorant,” and “not worth anyone’s time,” but this attitude only made me love where I came from even more. While there were definitely downsides to living in such a single stoplight town, though we actually had two, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I didn’t sincerely appreciate where I lived until I went to college, but I’m grateful for the experience of learning how wonderful growing up in a small town really is.

Everyone knows each other

Though lots of people would cite this point as a downside (and it can be, trust me), it’s actually a pretty great benefit. It never gets old to tell stories involving a dozen more people than they need to, because you just have to explain how the guy you saw at the gas station once dated your best friend’s cousin who also dated one of your cousins a few years ago, but they broke up after she met that guy who works at the car dealership. Years later, one of you will remember a hilarious story from high school and can tell it to people and each of you will remember all of the people involved.

Easy to meet up after you graduate

You’ll have your core gang from high school, but there’s also bound to be various other people you were kind of friends with and who you enjoyed hanging out with. After you graduate, maybe there’s a night when all of your close friends are busy, but if you go out somewhere, you’re bound to see a few people you know and can hang out with. You’re also almost always guaranteed to run into close friends accidentally because there are a few places everyone always goes (I have personally run into my best friend at the mall twice in the last couple of years without knowing she was there).

Have similar values

In a town this small, everyone influences one another. For whatever reason, people from smaller communities are more likely to help out their neighbors and actually care about how they’re doing. This trait is just one of the many positives that permeate a small town. While there will be lots of different viewpoints and perspectives, for the most part, your core values are similar and it makes living together much easier.

Go on crazy adventures

Let’s be honest, when everything closes before 9 p.m., there’s not all that much to do at night (besides going to a bar or party). Sitting at a bar every night gets old really fast, so friends often come up with wild adventures. Whether it’s going mudding down a dirt road, a midnight hike, stargazing, or hanging out at someone’s house until the wee hours of the morning, you’re in for an adventure.