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Are AIs Taking Over the Beauty Industry?

Technology has become an advancement that is being used in all aspects of today’s lifestyle. But did you know that it is started to be implemented in the beauty industry? Proven, a brand focused on inclusivity and personalization, creates products that incorporate the use of artificial intelligence in developing beauty products that are tailored to specific customers. It’s not a surprise that one type of makeup is not made for everyone. With this in mind, artificial intelligence could be used to access a database of customer reviews and information about skincare that could be used to develop products that are specific to a customer’s needs.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post

To learn more about how AIs play a role in the beauty industry, read this Huffington Post article: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/beauty-artificial-intelligence_us_5a82f175e4b01467fcf1af76 

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