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After just successfully organizing her first Senior Night, new Senior President Amanda Loh has already proven that she is a woman of her word by starting to live up to the expectations that came with her campaign slogan last year: YOLOH “You Only Live Once Here” You would think that after her jammed pack summer, she would need some down time before taking on the responsibilities of her new position. For the past three months Amanda, a Hackman Scholar, worked with Professor Frick in the American Studies department to help with his newest book about former President Richard Nixon. Now, the school year is beginning and Amanda is ready to take her last year at F&M by storm…and she’s taking the senior class along for the ride. We got the chance to learn some more about her and some of her plans for this year…

What is your hometown?  
I’m from Northern New Jersey.

I’m an American Studies major (and proud of it! I absolutely love the AMS department)

Why did you want to run for Senior President?
I have loved planning different events through my other extra-curricular activities and wanted to be able to give my skills back to the senior class. I am all about school spirit and wanted to provide a fun year for my classmates. I have also really enjoyed serving on the Diplomatic Congress for the past two years and wanted to continue being a part of the organization.

What are some of your goals for this year?
I’d like to strengthen class unity and school pride through various Senior Nights. I’d also like to give Seniors helpful life lessons so they’re prepared for the real world. I’d provide these lessons through basic skills classes and events with the new post-graduate development office.

You have been very involved on campus so far…how do you feel your prior and current leadership roles have prepared you for this position?
I think my prior and current leadership positions have shown me how to utilize different resources on campus. We have so many amazing faculty members excited to help students achieve their goals, and I cannot wait to work with them to create new initiatives. I also think my prior experience has helped me meet different students. I understand the diversity of the senior class and will try my best to appeal to a larger audience.

I’ve heard that you are creating Senior “DIS-Orientation.” Sounds awesome, but what exactly is it??
Senior DISorientation is a secret for now! It’s in the beginning stages, but I want to have it be a surprise until it is fully formed. Stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite things to do on campus?
I love going to various events held by my sorority, Alpha Phi. They are a great study break and I get to see some of my best friends. I also enjoy going to all the free food events hosted by the House, as well as all the a cappella concerts.

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